The 公务航空实况手册 is a broad overview of the industry – a shareable resource designed for professionals and advocates as well as newcomers, the general public and civic leaders.

Grounded in data from the FAA, state economic studies, NASA and industry surveys, the 公务航空实况手册 covers the companies of all sizes using business airplanes, and the one million people employed across the industry.

Get to know the many missions of business aviation, in charts, tables, photos and real-world stories.


  • 第 1 部分:什么是公务航空?
  • 第 2 部分:超过一百万个工作岗位
  • 第 3 部分:提高生产力
  • 第 4 部分:社区的生命线
  • 第 5 部分:人道主义支持
  • 第 6 部分:安全和安保
  • 第 7 节:可持续性
  • 第 7 部分:新技术和新兴技术
  • 行业资源

最新版本的 公务航空实况手册 links to even more resources, from NBAA, the No Plane No Gain campaign and outside research.

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本出版物的发布是为了支持 No Plan No Gain 行业倡导计划.